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Hartwell Mural Projects

Working with the Archway Program and Artists from the University of Georgia, Hartwell has several murals located in and around its Historic Downtown Main Street District.  These murals beautify downtown and provide photo opportunities for visitors and locals alike.

How many murals can you find downtown?

Martin Luther King Jr.

A tribute to the life of Martin Luther King Jr. can be found between the Post Office and Lake Hartwell Collectibles.  Designed by UGA Students, an amazing addition to our town!



Railroad Street

The Railroad was a huge part of of Downtown Hartwell's history.  This mural, located at Railroad Street Park, pays tribute to this history!

Train Mural
Historic Mural

Hartwell History

Painted on the side of the Shoppes on the Square Building at the corner of W. Franklin and N Carter Street, this mural highlights many of Hartwell's Historic Markers.  

Blush of Hartwell

A beautiful flower and a blushing sentiment on the side of one of our Downtown Salons: Blush located at 90 Depot Street!

PICC Excellence.jpg

Patriotic Flair

This patriotic mural was painted during the COVID -19 shut down.  Meant to pay homage to the many Hartwell soldiers who all Hartwell Home.  This mural is located at 18 E Johnson Street on the side of the PICC Excellence building.

Little Japan

On the side of Little Japan at 113 Depot Street, this mural speaks to the history of Depot Street when it was a bustling market for trade.

Little Japan Mural
Common Ground Mural

Live Well, Play Well, Hartwell

Bright colors and flowers of the region adore the side of the Hart County Chamber building.  Commissioned by Common Ground at 28 Carolina Street, you can grab a coffee and sit on the patio or take a photo on the "Swing" featured in the mural!

Welcome to Hartwell!

One of two murals on Railroad Street, this mural welcomes visitors to our downtown with statistics of Lake Hartwell (a major attraction).  This mural can be found at 87 S Jackson.  Visit the historic railroad depot building while your there!

Welcome to Hartwell Mural
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