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Hartwell Main Street Launches Podcast

Hartwell Main Street is always looking to try new ideas to promote their Historic Downtown District. Podcasting is rare for a Downtown, but that isn't deterring our group of volunteers! In fact, being progressive is one of the many reasons Hartwell was named Georgia's 2023 Downtown of the Year!

The podcast is called "It's Happening Hartwell". You can click on the link to listen to the inaugural episode just launched to the public on YouTube. Hosted by local, Paul Sewell, this episode interviews Hartwell's DDA Director, Jason Ford and Hartwell Main Street's Matriarch, Peggy Vickery. They answer the question: What is Main Street? and explain the four pillars of the "Main Street approach". The podcast also features an upcoming events segment featuring some of the many reasons visitors might consider checking it out!

The podcast was produced by Terron Vawter, owner of - a local video/photo/production company. The production volunteer committee is comprised of Carol Beasley, Jason Ford, Peggy Vickery, Paul Sewell and Shannon Vanskike.

After listening to the podcast, make sure you subscribe to the Hartwell Main Street Channel so you can be alerted to future podcasts and other exciting news about Hartwell, GA!

Again, to listen to the podcast, just click here!

Hartwell Main Street Podcast
Hartwell Main Street Podcast Production Team



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